Why Businesses Should Be Required to Have an Emergency Evacuation Chair

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The Canada Labour Code states that every employer has to provide a safe emergency exit route in the workplace. This code entails every worker’s right to safe evacuation during a fire or other emergencies.

Managers must anticipate scenarios involving persons with mobile disabilities when planning evacuation. Each individual within the company’s premises should be able to evacuate safely. A way to ensure everyone’s safety is to have an accessible emergency evacuation chair.

What Is an Emergency Evacuation Chair?

In the event of an emergency, taking the fire exit may not be easy for every individual. Emergency evacuation chairs can reduce risks for people with impaired mobility. It can also be helpful to elders, pregnant women, injured or unconscious.

An emergency evacuation chair has front and rear wheels rolling on the ground. It resembles a stroller except for the friction tracks designed to control the slide downwards. This feature makes it relatively easier to use when evacuating people during emergencies.

The product weighs 12.5 to 14.5 kilograms but can support weights up to 180 kilograms. One person can easily move it around to help the elderly and individuals with mobility issues.

The chair is robust and durable and can also be folded flat for wall storage. When the alarm system goes off, it can be mounted back on the wall.

Securing a couple of emergency evacuation chairs is perfect for fire drills, too. During the programs, employees can familiarize themselves with the exit route and emergency procedures. Managers can incorporate evacuation chair training so the staff knows how to use the equipment.

Are Evacuation Chairs a Legal Requirement in Canada?

The Department of Public Safety campaigns for 72-hour emergency preparedness. The department wants Canadians to know how to cope independently for the first 72 hours of an emergency.

In severe aftermaths of a calamity or accident, first responders can focus on those with urgent needs. The shared community responsibility makes evacuation procedures manageable for every citizen.

Public Safety Canada has a guide on emergency preparedness explicitly pointing out the need for an emergency evacuation chair.

Although this guide does not specify any evacuation chair legislation, the law still requires employers to have a secure workspace. Canadian law states that employers must ensure workers have safe access and egress to their offices.

Evacuation equipment is not limited to fire alarms and staircases. If there’s a mobility-impaired person in the building, relying on stairway evacuation automatically compromises their security. Building managers should have an escape plan for evacuees who would struggle to leave the premises.

Reasons to Have an Emergency Evacuation Chair

An emergency evacuation chair is a must when preparing for an emergency. But, here are the other reasons to procure this life-saving equipment.

Evacuation chairs are versatile

An evacuation chair has two primary modes: transport and descent. In transport mode, it functions like a wheelchair on the ground.

After removing it from the storage position, undo the seatbelt and push down the seat. Next, pull out the rear wheel, adjustable pins, and handle until they lock in place. You can now push the chair on flat surfaces.

To switch to descent mode, move the hand position to mid grip to tilt the chair forward. Pushing the rear wheel forward will fold it into the frame. Upon descent, the tracks will grip the edges of the stairs so they will not slide down uncontrollably.

It would be counterproductive if the evacuation chairs were hard to deploy. Managers and employees should watch the training videos to know how they work.

Evacuation chairs can help save lives

Staircases are the safest evacuation routes during a power failure, fire, earthquake, and flood. However, some people would need assistance following evacuation procedures. The management should consider the safety of people with disabilities, medical conditions, or temporary immobility.

That said, it would be draining for helpers to drag equipment up and down the floors. Fortunately, evacuation chairs do not require burdensome manual handling. The chair is light enough so people can move it around with ease, even if it is occupied.

Evacuation chairs are cost-effective

Compared to the liability costs of an unsafe building evacuation, the investment in evacuation chairs is much cheaper. Moreover, some chair models are not only reliable but also easy to use, comfortable, and durable. Read more tips for purchasing an evacuation chair to get more value for your money.

Pro Tip

Every company should include regular training in using evacuation chairs during fire drills.   


Get Your Business Decked With an Evac Chair Today

An evacuation chair is a must for businesses operating in multi-storied buildings. Even without wheelchair users among employees, there is still a possibility that people might need it.

Keep in mind that emergencies can cause stress, induce panic attacks, and trigger other health conditions. Some people might lose consciousness in the middle of an evacuation.

Storing the chairs on every floor of emergency staircases can make it safer for evacuees to escape. It is a measure that must be a part of every business’ fire safety plan.

It is even more essential to have evacuation chairs for employees with medical conditions or any reason for reduced mobility. Customers or building visitors would also be at ease knowing the management carefully assessed the evacuation equipment they have.

Every employer is responsible for ensuring emergency preparedness within the workplace. It is best to lower fatal risks at all costs. So, planning for evacuation procedures should be as holistic and as inclusive as possible.


People who are temporarily or permanently immobile need a quality and reliable evacuation chair to evacuate safely in case of an emergency. Check out Evacuscape today for more information.

FAQs on Businesses Needing Emergency Evacuation Chairs

How do you evacuate someone in a wheelchair?

Set the evacuation in transport mode before helping someone transfer from their wheelchair. Make sure that the evacuee has fastened their seatbelt.

Is it safe for children to use evacuation chairs?

Yes. Although it is mainly for adults with mobility issues, children can also evacuate using this chair. Again, make sure to fasten their seatbelts.

Are any special attachments needed to use an emergency evacuation chair?

None. The additional attachments on the evacuation chair are only for keeping the chair dust-free or providing more comfort. However, when using the chair, there shouldn’t be any additional steps or attachments that would complicate the evacuation process.

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