Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Prepare for a safe emergency evacuation with Evacuscape’s evacuation chair. Evacuscape’s evacuation chair models provide a safe evacuation solution for individuals who have mobility challenges. These stair chairs require the assistance of only one other person.

Emergency evacuation stair chairs, also known as escape chairs, serve an essential function in an emergency. A quality and reliable stairway evacuation chair will ensure the safe evacuation and rescue of people with mobility challenges in emergencies.

During an emergency, elevators in multi-story buildings are unsafe to use. This leaves the stairs as the safest means of evacuation.

Prompt descent of stairs in an emergency is difficult for people who are unable (or not comfortable enough) to evacuate through the stairway. As such, those with mobility challenges require the assistance of a stair chair for smooth stairway descent to ground level.

Be sure to equip your property with an evacuation transit chair to transport individuals with mobility challenges safely from the top floor of a building to ground level. Strategically placing emergency evacuation chairs throughout a building contributes to an equal and safe environment for everyone and is an essential step to take preparation of an emergency.

Evacuscape’s evacuation stair chair is a reputable rescue tool available in North America as well as the UK and Europe.


Evacuscape’s Evacuation Stair Chair Models

  • Lightweight design (12 kg/26.4lbs).
  • Exceptional weight capacity (180kg/400lbs).
  • Solid padded seat and solid back.
  • Evacuscape’s fail safe braking system
  • 5 point harness and head restraint strap.
  • Front carry handle

Who Requires An Evacuation Chair?

People who are either permanently or temporarily immobile often struggle to safely evacuate a stairway in a multi-story building in the case of an emergency.

Those who can benefit from having a transit chair like an evacuation stair chair for safe emergency evacuation include:


Reduced mobility is common with aging. According to Statistics Canada, seniors are estimated to make up 28% of the Canadian population by 2056. The reality is that 33% of seniors aged 65 and older experience a mobility-related disability. In addition, 44% of those aged 74 and older experience mobility challenges.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 40% of those over 65 in the US experience a disability, with 26% experiencing mobility difficulty. Seniors must be able to safely evacuate any property in the case of an emergency, which is why stair chairs are an essential rescue tool for public multi-level properties.

Physically Disabled

There are physical exceptionalities experienced by people of all ages that can impact an individual’s mobility. Common mobility impairments include cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. A transit chair is a safe and secure solution to ensure the safe evacuation of any individual with a mobile disability.

Injured Individuals

Evacuation chairs are often necessary for aiding those with temporary mobility challenges as those sustaining a foot, leg, or knee injury will often have issues walking or moving quickly in the case of an emergency. It is essential to have an evacuation stair chair on hand to help injured individuals safely evacuate a building or property.

Pregnant Women

When a woman is pregnant, their body produces relaxin. This is a hormone that is believed to prepare a woman’s body for birth. That said, this hormone also loosens the body’s ligaments, which makes pregnant women more at risk for injury due to reduced stability.

The weight carried by pregnant women hinders their mobility and ability to quickly and safely descend stairs, especially in the case of an emergency. Fortunately, you can use our escape chair to safely evacuate pregnant women in emergency situations.

Individuals with Mobility Tools

Permanent or temporary mobility disabilities can often be indicated by the use of a mobility tool such as a wheelchair, walker, cast, or crutches. If a person is equipped with a mobility tool, they will require the assistance of an escape chair to safely and swiftly descend any stairs in the case of an emergency evacuation.

Properties That Require Evacuation Chairs for Emergencies

Evacuation chairs are a rescue tool often used as part of a building’s evacuation plan to ensure safe descent on stairs in the case of fire or any other emergency. That said, many different types of properties need to have an escape chair on-site for safe stairway evacuation:

  • Apartments/ Condominiums
  • Multi-story commercial buildings or properties (office buildings, malls, retail stores etc.)
  • Multi story homes
  • Hospitals & Care Homes
  • Assisted Living and Long Term Care Homes
  • Schools
  • Any property with stairs/stairways/staircases

Emergencies That Call For Safe Evacuation

A stair chair is needed for any situation in which an emergency evacuation or stairway evacuation is necessary. The rescue tool operates as a transit chair to get an individual from within a building to ground level quickly and safely.

Common emergencies that require quick and safe evacuation include:

  • Power outages
  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Hurricane
  • Toronado
  • Flooding
  • Stairway evacuation
  • Evacuation drill
  • Explosions
  • Gas leak
  • Viral outbreak
  • Compromised structural integrity

Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Evacuation Stair Chairs

What is an emergency evacuation chair?

An emergency evacuation chair is a device designed to assist People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) to safely and quickly egress a multi-story building in the event of an emergency evacuation. This stair chair can be used for people with permanent or temporary mobility challenges.

Are evacuation chairs a legal requirement?

There is existing legislation that indicates that all properties require safe means for evacuation in the event of an emergency. According to Section 125 of the Canada Labour Code, Part II, every employer in Canada is required to meet prescribed standards concerning fire safety and emergency measures.The Act states that an employer must “ensure, in the prescribed manner, that employees have safe entry to, exit from and occupancy of the workplace.” Evacuscape’s escape chair complies with section 125, Part II of the Canadian Labour Code of Canada.

As per the United States legislation, at least one means of egress (evacuation) is required when more than one means of egress is necessary. According to the International Building Code, the “technical criteria for accessible means of egress allow the use of exit stairways and evacuation elevators when provided in conjunction with horizontal exits or areas of refuge.”

How do evacuation chairs work?

Emergency evacuation chair models work differently based on their unique functions. The Evacuscape evacuation chairs are easy to use to evacuate people from a multi-floor property as seen in our demonstration videos.

What is the weight limit of an evacuation stair chair?

The weight limit of an evacuation stair chair is dependent on the model, quality of materials, and reliability of the chair. Evacuscape’s stair chairs have a weight capacity of 180kg/400llbs

What is a refuge point?

A refuge point is a place where an individual can wait for help in the case that they require rescue or assistance to leave a building. It is a good idea to have an emergency evacuation chair at refuge points to help safely evacuate people in an emergency..

Where should an emergency evacuation stair chair be located?

Evacuation chairs should be located by the emergency evacuation exits of a property or building for easy access. It is ideal to have an escape chair on every level of a building.

Why Evacuscape

Evacuscape is here to help you out with our evacuation emergency chair. Our evacuation chair is a solution for any emergency faced in a multi-level property. Our stair chair models are available across North America, the UK, and Europe.

Our customers include Best Buy, Transport Canada, Canadian Mental Health Association, Canada National Defence, Shoppers Home Health Care and more.

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