In an emergency, it can be challenging for individuals with mobility challenges to promptly evacuate a multi-story building. An emergency evacuation chair is the best way to ensure the safe evacuation of all individuals in the case of an emergency.

Evacuscape is a leading provider of emergency evacuation chairs in the UK and is committed to providing individuals and properties with safe means for emergency evacuation. We designed our evacuation chairs with the needs of individuals with mobility challenges in mind to ensure their safety.

With the help of a stair evacuation chair from Evacuscape, all individuals will be able to make a smooth descent to ground level in an emergency situation.

Choose Evacuscape’s emergency stair chair as your property’s rescue tool of choice.

Evacuation Chair Model EC1
  • Lightweight design (12 kg/26.4lbs).
  • Exceptional weight capacity (180kg/400lbs).
  • Solid padded seat and solid back.
Evacuation Chair Model EC2
  • Evacuscape’s fail safe braking system
  • 5 point harness and head restraint strap.
  • Front carry handle
  • Seniors
  • Physically Disabled
  • Individuals with mobility tools
  • Injured Individuals
  • Pregnant Women


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