Emergency Evacuation Chairs

An evacuation chair is a device designed to assist People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) to safely and quickly egress a multi story building in the event of an emergency evacuation. During an emergency, elevators in multi story buildings are unsafe to use which creates a difficult situation for people who are not able to or comfortable enough to evacuate through the stairway. Evacuscape’s evacuation stair chair provides a safe solution for such individuals and requires the assistance of only one other person. Strategically placing evacuation chairs throughout a building contributes to an equal and safe environment for everyone.

evacuation chair
Evacuation Chair Model EC1
  • Lightweight design (12 kg/26.4lbs).
  • Exceptional weight capacity (180kg/400lbs).
  • Solid padded seat and solid back.
Evacuation Chair Model EC2
  • Evacuscape’s fail safe braking system
  • 5 point harness and head restraint strap.
  • Front carry handle


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